Is Squarespace Good For Blogging?

I think you are in doubt is Squarespace good for blogging?

But don’t worry, I can assist in diminishing your doubts.

Nowadays, several platforms are available to start blogging, but it’s quite difficult to determine the perfect one.

In my several years of blogging journey, I have experienced several blogging platforms, including Squarespace.

Without explaining too much here, let’s get down.

What Is Squarespace?

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Launched in January 2004, Squarespace is a SAAS website builder platform.

Using Squarespace anyone can build a stunning website without any prior website building and coding knowledge.

Its user-friendly drag-and-drop feature and engaging premade templates can build websites within a few moments.

In addition to custom hosting, Squarespace’s inbuilt essential SEO and analytical tools allow bloggers to create professional SEO-friendly websites for blogging purposes.

Is Squarespace Good For Blogging?

Are you looking extensively for a genuine platform to start a blog without coding or technical skills?

Then Squarespace can be a good fit for you to initiate your blogging journey.

Below I have depicted the advantages of Squarespace to assist in determining your blogging platform.

1. User-Friendly And Easy To Use

The simple and intuitive dashboard of Squarespace allows users to build a captivating website within a few minutes.

Its ultra-customizable template assists any novice blogger in structuring enchanting websites without any specialized skills.

By default hosted on Squarespace servers, you don’t have to purchase hosting, or SSL certificates from any external source to build websites.

It also delivers an inbuilt analytics tool to monitor website growth extensively.

Squarespace also provides tools like email marketing and post-scheduling, providing an edge over competitors.

2. Integrated SEO Features

The inbuilt SEO feature of Squarespace benefits in driving quality organic traffic to the website.

You don’t have to install and set up any SEO plugins like Yoast or Rankamth to optimize posts for search engine ranking.

The built-in analytics feature of Squarespace allows website owners to track visitors without connecting to the Google Analytics tool.

Also, you can effortlessly connect your website with the Google search console to monitor website performance.

3. Built-In Blogging Elements

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Squarespace can be an ideal platform for bloggers.

Its hassle-free, ready-to-go templates assist bloggers in creating SEO-friendly layouts within a few clicks.

Also, personalized templates smoothly fit with every blogger’s priority.

You will find all templates in Squarespace are mobile-friendly, and suitable for every screen size because nowadays responsive and mobile-friendliness are considered as one of the important ranking factors.

In-built features like scheduled posts help bloggers publish posts regularly, which convey a strong indication to search engines about the sincerity of your blog.

4. Dependable Web Security

Nowadays every blogger even bigger brands and businesses are concerned about cyber threats.

Vulnerabilities on the website increase the possibility of hacking, and stealing of sensitive assets and data.

Squarespace provides an extra layer of security to every blogger and website owner of their platform.

5. Infinite Hosting Facility

Squarespace provides hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage with any paid subscription plan.

So you don’t have to be concerned about the vast number of visitors in your blog.

As a blogger, you have to publish quality articles continuously without worrying about hosting outages.

6. Various Tools And Media Integration

Social media marketing is termed an important part of blogging.

With a social media integration facility, Squarespace permits you to display all your social media accounts in your blog.

Also, Squarespace allows you to share posts to social accounts with SEO-optimised descriptions and visually engaging thumbnails.

To enhance email marketing capabilities, Squarespace can easily integrate with email marketing tools, providing an advantage over your competitors in marketing your blog instead of only relying on search traffic.

Recently launched new aged marketing tools like Squarespace AI help to boost your blogging profitability.

7. Proactive Customer Support

In addition to an uncluttered and clean, Squarespace provides personalized 24/7 customer support.

You can contact the Squarespace customer support team via live chat, email, social pages, and phone.

Hospitable and amicable customer support officers understand each issue carefully and provide tailor-made solutions as soon as possible.

Squarespace also crafted a troubleshooting article in the blog section to assist you in gathering a proper understanding of ongoing issues.

Squarespace forum and help center is another rich medium to acquire troubleshooting info and guides.

Disadvantages Of Squarespace

Below are the cons of Squarespace.

1. Lack Of Customization Facility

As we know Squarespace provides impressive, ready-made templates but it’s difficult to design unique and complicated websites with those templates without CSS coding language knowledge.

2. Unable To Build Complex Website

Squarespace is not for building websites with a lot of custom features and elements.

If you are looking to build complex websites then you should opt for other platforms.

3. Without Autosave Feature

You have to be very cautious during uploading and editing articles or customizing templates because Squarespace doesn’t provide the auto-save feature.

You have to click on the save button often.

4. Limited features for E-commerce

Squarespace lacks various functionality that are essential to operating an e-commerce store.

Features like extensive tax calculation, multiple currencies, advanced inventory management, and extensive drop shipping must be integrated with Squarespace.

5. Restricted Third-Party Integration

Squarespace offers third-party platform integration accessibility only after subscribing to Squarespace business plans and above.

You have to purchase plans from an integrations platform like Zapier to merge any third-party app into a personal Squarespace plan.

Squarespace Plans And Pricing

Squarespace has four different plans.

  1. Personal
  2. Business
  3. Basic Commerce
  4. Advanced Commerce

Both plans are available in monthly and annual cycles with different price points.

Subscribing to an annual plan is 24% to 30% cheaper compared to monthly plans.

Squarespace provides a 14-day free trial before subscribing to a paid plan.

PLANAnnual FeeMonthly Fee
Basic Commerce$27$36
Advanced Commerce$49$65

You can check all plan details and prices from here.

FAQ on Squarespace Blogging

Q1. Is Squarespace Free To Use?

Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial plan for each user. After that, you have to subscribe to a paid plan to continue enjoying Squarespace.

Q2. Can Bloggers Migrate Their Existing Blogs To Squarespace?

Yes, bloggers can migrate their websites to Squarespace from different platforms like WordPress, or Blogger. Squarespace delivers tools that help to migrate websites without losing any data.

Q3. Is Squarespace Good For Beginners?

Easy-to-customize, attractive, pre-made templates make Squarespace an ideal platform for beginners.

Q4. Can Users Make Money With Squarespace Blogs?

Yes, bloggers using the Squarespace platform can monetize their blogs in various ways, such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, brand collaboration, and so on.

Conclusion on Is Squarespace Good For Blogging?

I hope you have a crystal-clear overview after reading the above article is Squarespace good for blogging or not?

Every platform has its pros and cons.

As a blogger, it depends on you to determine the best blogging platform that is most suitable for you.

If you have any queries related to the blogging platform, you can ask below in the comment section.

I would love to hear from you.

Hello friends, my name is Sambhu Maity, and I am the founder of DigitalSambhu. Here I share various tips and tricks related to Digital Marketing, Android, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, and various passive income techniques so that beginners can learn everything quickly. If you want to know more details, then definitely click on the "About Us" page.

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