40+ Marketing Abbreviations List To Enhance Your Knowledge

Marketing is very vast and there are hundreds and thousands of marketing terms and definitions.

It is very hard to learn all of these terms, and that’s where marketing abbreviations help you to remember all these terms and definitions in short form.

In this article, I will share 40 common but necessary marketing abbreviations to strengthen your understanding of abbreviations.

Let’s delve in.

What Are Marketing Abbreviations?

Marketing is an expansive field. There are lot of marketing terms and definitions you need to know as a Digital Marketer or affiliate marketer.

Professional marketers use Abbreviations for every marketing term to remember it easily and it also helps you to convey your thoughts easily within a few minutes.

For ease marketers use abbreviations and acronyms to convey various marketing methods and strategies.

Abbreviations of marketing are an effortless and faster way to share complex marketing terms in a shorter format

40 Supreme Marketing Abbreviations

Supreme Marketing Abbreviations
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Now, let’s see 40+ supreme marketing abbreviations you should know to become a good marketer.

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps to rank your websites higher in the search results.

Higher ranking drives quality organic traffic leading to a higher conversion rate.

2. SMM: Social Media Marketing

Businesses and brands use the infinite potential of social media to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads, and sales.

3. CMS: Content Management System

CMS helps companies and individuals to generate edit, and organize digital content.

4. AIDA:

  • A: Attention or Awareness Of Customer
  • I: Interest
  • D: Desire
  • A: Attention

AIDA can be termed a significant pillar of modern-day marketing strategy.

5. BANT:

  • B: Budget
  • A: Authority
  • N: Need
  • T: Timeline

BANT is used to identify quality leads.

6. KPI: Key Performance Indicator

KPI helps to measure whether a business or individuals are fulfilling goals or not.

7. B2B: Business To Business

This abbreviation of marketing stands for trading between businesses such as wholesalers and retailers.

8. B2C: Business To Customer

It refers to the selling of products or services directly to customers.

9. CTA: Call To Action

This marketing acronym stands to stimulate customers to take the desired action of a marketing campaign.

For example, a call to action can encourage people to make a purchase, fill out a lead generation form, and subscribe to the newsletter.

10. BR: Bounce Rate

Provides a clear overview of the percentage of the audience that landed on your website or Email.

11. CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM technology assists in managing customer relationships and interactions in an organized way.

12. CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the strategy of boosting the ratio of users on your website and app.

13. DM: Direct Message/Direct Mail

Direct messages are private communication between brands and businesses with customers.

DM abbreviation is also termed as direct mail.

14. PR: Public Relations

Public relations help brands and businesses to increase engagement and communication with consumers to increase awareness about particular products and brands.

PR is a long-term process.

15. UX: User Experience

UX metrics are used to understand user value, abilities, behaviour, and limitations on a particular platform.

16. UI: User Interface

UI marketing abbreviation is defined as human interaction with machines.

Also, it is known as the bridge between humans and computers.

17. CPC: Cost Per Click

The term CPC is used widely in the online advertising field.

CPC defines each time how much advertisers pay when someone clicks over their ads.

It is also known as PPC.

18. PPC: Pay Per Click

PPC, also known as CPC is an online advertising term where advertisers pay to ad publishing networks based on clicks.

19. CTR: Click-Through Rate

CTR is a well-known metric in the paid advertising field that measures the percentage of clicks advertisers receive divided by the time ads are shown.

In simple terms, CTR = clicks ÷ impressions.

20. PV: Page Views

Page views are the total number of pages visited by users of websites.

Page views are always easy to track.

21. CMO: Chief Marketing officer

The major role of a CMO is to generate quality leads and increase sales of a startup and business.

22. SAAS: Software AS A Service

This abbreviation gained massive popularity after internet penetration all over the world.

This type of software is hosted on cloud servers.

Users can take advantage of complex SAAS only via a stable internet connection, without any high-end PC or laptop.

23. API: Application Programming Interface

API assists in transmitting an application feature and data to another system without any protocol or interruption.

API works as a bridge between two applications.

24. CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost

CAC is the total marketing spending to acquire a new consumer over a specific duration.

A business’s success probability is heavily dependent on CAC.

25. CLV Or CLTV: Customer Lifetime Value

This abbreviation of marketing conveys how much amount a customer spends on a business over his lifetime.

26. URL: Uniform Resource Locator

URL is the exact address of a specific webpage or file.

It is termed a fundamental building block of the web.

27. NAP: Name Address Phone Number

NAP information enhances local search engine ranking which increases the possibility of acquiring local customers.

28. ROI: Return On Investment

ROI helps to calculate the exact amount of profit and loss on your total investment.

29. CPL: Cost Per Lead

Average spending of a startup or company to acquire a new lead.

CPL is widely known as an online lead generation.

30. QR Code: Quick Response Barcode

Invented in 1994 in Japan, the QR code is an array of black and white squares that help to fetch required data by scanning over with devices like smartphones.

31. LP: Landing Page

The landing page is a well-crafted standalone webpage, designed to encourage to perform the desired action from the visitors’ end.

32. ROAS: Return On Ad Spend

It refers to the total amount generated after running advertisements on various online platforms.

It is a similar metric to ROI.

33. FAB: Features, Advantages and Benefits

This metric helps businesses to understand why consumer are purchasing their product and services and align their marketing strategies based on customer behavior.

34. TOFU: Top Of Funnel

In this stage, customers become aware of products or services.

35. MOFU: Middle Of Funnel

The MOFU stage is known for nurturing your customers by providing more valuable content.

36. BOFU: Bottom Of Funnel

In this final stage of the marketing funnel, the customer finally converts into an actual buyer.

37. AOV: Average Order Value

This important marketing abbreviation reveals the average amount spent by customers.

To calculate AOV, you have to divide the total amount spent by the number of orders.

38. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

Widely used in software development, product design, and interface design KISS is a design principle to keeps each design as simple as possible

39. SERP: Search Engine Result Pages

Based upon a keyword or phrase by the user search engines display relevant results, known as SERP.

SERP showcases both organic and paid results.

40. COS: Content Optimization System

A content optimization system is a popular way of generating engaging content that can attract potential quality customers.


I have gathered 40 abbreviations of marketing to enrich your proficiency in abbreviations.

But in the ever-evolving ambience of marketing, you must keep updated with the latest marketing abbreviation to get an edge over your competitors or coworkers.

Have you found any important or emerging marketing acronyms that I have missed to fit inside the above list?

Please, let me know in the comment section, I would appreciate it.

Happy abbreviating.

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