Is It Too Late To Start Blogging? 5 Reasons to Start

I guess you are stuck in the exact circumstances where I was a few years ago before beginning my journey as a blogger.

Is it too late to start blogging?

Is blogging still alive?

After spending several years in the blogging and SEO industry in this article, I will try to reduce your concern and provide proper guidance regarding starting a blog in 2024.

Let me share.

5 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Late to Start A Profitable Blog

It’s never too late to get underway on your blogging journey.

Let’s find out why you shouldn’t hesitate to start a blog in 2024.

1. Ever Evolving With New Topic And Products

People believe there is nothing left to cover on the internet, it’s just a waste of time.

But the reality is completely different.

With plenty of fresh untouched topics and products coming up, there will always be something new to pen in the ever-evolving blogging segment.

The foremost method to develop knowledge about trending and futuristic topics is always to stay updated.

You have to keep an eye on well-known news websites, and news channels to find out a bunch of keywords to create high-quality content.

Another popular method to dig out the latest topic is to simultaneously keep an eye on popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Forums like Quora and Reddit are also worthwhile platforms to assist you in discovering less competitive blog niches.

Another overlooked method of scouring popular and fresh topics is the proper usage of Google Trends.

2. People Love To Read Blog

Due to the massive surge of both long and short-form video content, I have received a particular query several times, particularly from new bloggers, Do still people read blogs?

In one word yes.

People prefer to consume informative content, instead of meaningless and bizarre articles.

If you are still concerned, the below insight will indicate how extensively people still love to read blogs:

  • The most popular CMS platform WordPress receives more than 20 billion views monthly with 409 million readers.
  • 77% of internet users visit regularly to consume resourceful content.
  • 33% of blog readers consume blogs to learn something new.
  • Over 80% of bloggers revealed blogs drive a significant amount of results.
  • 61% of US consumers decide to buy after reading blogs.

3. High Potential Of Profit With Less Investment

Blogging is a very low investment but a high potential profitable business model.

Designing a blog is easy without any prior technical skills.

Also, it only requires a little investment.

To start a blog you only have to purchase a domain and hosting and have a willingness to learn skills.

Utilizing non-coding platforms like WordPress and Wix, anyone can easily develop amazing SEO-friendly websites within a few moments.

In the beginning, I would suggest purchasing hosting from a well-known seller by electing a cheaper plan for only one year.

You can also build a blog without hosting in the Blogspot platform.

But Blogspot comes with limited feature customization facilities.

4. Lead An Independent Life

Blogging allows you to schedule your everyday routine, work hours, and goals.

You can run your blogging business from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection and a laptop or PC.

In my case, being self-employed with handsome earnings permits me to chill with friends and family, take a leave from work, and travel to new places depending on my mood.

You can also run your blogging business with less effort by hiring people in several roles such as content writers, website designers, and SEO professionals.

5. Ample Opportunity For New Blogger

Often I hear that ‘ blogging is saturated’ or ‘it’s not for beginners’.

With 1.7 billion running websites on the web and 600 million of them blogs, the above statements are partially true.

Though the above numbers convey that there is decent competition,

However proper research will assist you to discover plenty of profitable untouched niches, where you don’t have to compete with millions of websites.

In addition to essential blogging skills like content writing, and keyword research, you have to learn the art of finding lucrative low-competition niches to get an edge over your competition in blogging as a newbie.

Blogging Is Dead: Myth Or Harsh Reality?

Is blogging dead?

The answer is no, but it’s changing and evolving.

After the outcome of AI tools like ChatGPT, some people feel that nobody will tend to ask queries on search engines.

Also increasing popularity of video format content and social media highly influences the myth that blogging is dead.

But the actual scenario is completely different.

As per data, search giant Google receives 8.55 billion searches daily, indicating that blogging still has enormous potential.

Another data revealed that 93% of people begin their internet experience by searching on search engines.

But to grab the user’s attention by ranking higher you have to produce sublime content that fulfills user intent.

Constant learning and implementing your skills help achieve the desired success in blogging.

Future Of Blogging Beyond 2024

future of blogging
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For both seasoned and new bloggers, blogging will be a profitable stream to earn beyond 2024.

But you have to give up the old-age method of blogging to establish yourself as a successful blogger.

Below are the tips to assist you in being a successful blogger in 2024 and beyond.

  • As a beginner, you should target a niche instead of targeting multiple niches in a single website. Google tends to rank a niche site over authority websites.
  • Rather than shoving your website with multiple posts, you should emphasize quality over quantity.
  • You should promote your blog on popular social media platforms and forums regularly to obtain traffic for your blog.


Q1. Is Blogging Dead After ChatGPT?

No, Blogging will be there with continued evolution. Instead of treating ChatGPT as a competitor, bloggers should adapt to taking advantage of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT helps bloggers in generating content ideas, content outlines, SEO optimization, and much more.

Q2. Will AI Replace Blogging?

AI tools generate content based on certain algorithms repeatedly. It can’t replace the unique thinking ability and perspective of human bloggers.

Q3. Is Starting A Blog Worth It 2024?

Yes, starting a blog is very much worth it in 2024 and beyond.


That’s a wrap for now.

Hope I have provided a clear overview of whether is it too late to start blogging for a newbie.

In my opinion, there is plenty of scope left for newbies to build a profitable business out of blogging.

But you should keep learning new things and have the patience to grow a successful business utilizing blogging.

If you have some queries regarding blogging, feel free to ask me below in the comment section.

I would love to solve your issue.

Keep Learning.

Hello friends, my name is Sambhu Maity, and I am the founder of DigitalSambhu. Here I share various tips and tricks related to Digital Marketing, Android, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, and various passive income techniques so that beginners can learn everything quickly. If you want to know more details, then definitely click on the "About Us" page.

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