7 Best Conservative Search Engine Alternatives

Google holds an imperium of the search engine with 8.5 billion daily searches followed by Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and other search engines with trivial domination.

But several times these search engines, particularly Google have been accused of spying on the activities of users and collecting their data.

In recent times people have been traumatized over their web privacy.

But don’t worry.

Where There Is a Will, There’s a Way.

Today we will discuss conservative search engines, a safe and secure alternate way to surf the internet without being detected.

These types of unbiased and private search engines help to explore the internet without breaching any privacy or data rules.

Let’s get down quickly and explore the best conservative engine alternatives out there.

What Is A Conservative Search Engine?

Conservative or private search engines provide the utmost privacy to users.

This type of search engine does not track or store any user data for future use.

They don’t sell or share user data with third parties, which delivers an assured data protection commitment for each user.

Conservative search engines can be great alternatives to biased search engines like Google because of security, privacy, and impartial search results.

Conservative Search Engine

1. DuckDuckGo

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Started in 2008, DuckDuckGo’s name is inspired by the children’s game Duck, duck, goose. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track, store, or share any user details, providing maximum online privacy for each and every user.

If you want to access the internet anonymously, DuckDuckGo is a suitable alternative to Google.

Advantages Of DuckDuckGo

features of DuckDuckGo
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  • Its privacy feature helps to search secretly without being tracked.
  • DuckDuckGo’s built-in tracker blocks advertise trackers and user behaviour, which helps to eliminate weird and disgusting ads.
  • 85% of emails contain trackers, but the DuckDuckGo email tracker blocking feature safeguards every email’s privacy.
  • Its inbuilt features also provide information about who’s trying to track your online activity.

Though DuckDuckGo doesn’t track any user data, based on monthly searches it has an approximately 100 million user base.

2. Swisscows

Our next on the list of unbiased conservative search engines is Swisscows.

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Swisscows assures anonymity by shielding its users from online surveillance and unwanted data storage.

Founded in 2014, the Switzerland-based Google alternative has built its underground data centre under the Swiss Alps.

Advantages Of Swisscows

  • Swisscows provides high-quality search results without tracking and storing any user data.
  • It is a family-friendly search engine and does not index and showcase any adult-type content.
  • In addition to fast and relevant search results, Swisscow has developed a encrypted WhatsApp alternative, Teleguard.
  • Swisscows unbiased AI-based feature like Getdigest delivers relevant and crisp information by summarizing the particular web and text document.

3. Brave Search

Launched in 2021, the Brave Search engine is comparatively new in the market compared to above two.

Brave Search
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From its arrival, Brave Search has provided assurance of delivering non-biased search results to its users.

In 2023, Brave Search team claimed they started delivering 100% independent search results from thier database, without relying on search engines like Bing, Yahoo.

Advantages Of Brave Search

  • Brave Search provides ultimate safety from lurking trackers and web observers.
  • Its fully independent search engine algorithm showcases the most relevant and genuine search results.
  • Brave Search doesn’t display any cookie consent notice while you visit websites from their search engine .
  • Brave API provides a fetterless possibility to produce a sterile search platform for data monitoring, which can help to combat data regulation breaches.

4. Startpage

Though Startpage is coeval to search engine giant Google (both founded in 1998) but has not evolved in popularity compared to Google.

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But if you are concerned about internet privacy and data leakage, you can start using Startpage, instead of biased search engines like Google.

Startpage doesn’t record any type of user data, or search history. Also, it doesn’t store user’s IP addresses in cloud servers.

Advantages Of Startpage

  • Startpage eliminates the personal data tracker, which enables the blocking of retargeting ads.
  • Being a conservative search engine, Startpage provides an extra layer of security with an Anonymous View feature inside your search result.
  • Usually, search engines like Google display news based on your search activity but Startpage displays news without tracing any search activities.
  • Encrypted servers prevent any sort of personalized third-party price trackers.

5. Ecosia

Have you ever heard of an eco-friendly search engine? Ecosia, a non-woke, eco-friendly search engine plants trees based on your searches.

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The Germany-based impartial search engine was launched in Copenhagen during the UN climate talks, in 2009.

In 2024, Ecosia claimed to have planted more than 200 million trees worldwide.

Advantages Of Ecosia

  • Ecosia doesn’t store or share any user data and provides complete data protection for users.
  • By blocking third-party trackers Ecosia ceases the probability of search behavior monitoring.
  • All searches performed using Ecosia, are encrypted and they don’t store any personalized user profile.
  • This conservative search engine spends 80 % of its earnings on tree-planting projects.

6. Metager

The Metager is an open-source, metasearch engine, managed by nonprofit organizations SUMA-EV and the University of Hannover, both based in Germany.

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Metager extracts search results from search engines like Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and Scopia without leaking any user data.

Founded in 1996, Metager achieved a worldwide stretch after the launch of their English version search engine in 2013.

Advantages Of Metager

  • Its metasearch feature safeguards user data, IP address, and search activity comprehensively.
  • Its ad-free search experience keeps you unidentified during internet surfing.
  • To conserve resources and maintain environmental sustainability, Metager runs all infrastructures using renewable energy.

7. Qwant

The France-based Google alternative delivers anonymous search results without harming your privacy.

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Initiated in 2013, Qwant prevents any third parties from hunting your IP addresses, location, and search behaviour.

Advantages Of Qwant

  • Qwant displays 31 different categories in search results without tracking your search history.
  • In addition to web, images, and video, Qwant shows music, jobs, social media, health, and more.
  • Qwant Junior provides a safe search experience for 6 to 12-year-old children by purifying inappropriate content and blocking irritating advertisements.
  • Qwant doesn’t store any website cookies for tracking, if you want to save site preference, have to install a custom cookie on your web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions For Conservative Search Engine Alternatives

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions.

Q1. What Are The Best Unbiased Search Engines?

Some of the popular unbiased and conservative search engines are DuckDuckGo, Swisscows, Brave Search, Startpage, Ecosia, Metager, and Qwant.

Q2. Why People Use Alternative Search Engines? 

Those who are worried about online privacy and data theft use unbiased, conservative search engines to remain anonymous.

Q3. Is Bing Less Biased Than Google?

According to cyber experts, Google is less biased than Bing.

Q4. What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Conservative Search Engines?

Conservative search engines have limited databases and fewer features. Due to lack of data sometimes provides irrelevant search results.

Q5. Is There A Safer Search Engine Than Google?

There are various unbiased and safer search engines than Google. Examples: DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, Swisscows, and more.

Conclusion on Conservative Search Engine Alternatives

Every step of your online activity is under surveillance.

It’s time to surf the internet anonymously to evade the grip of data abductors.

To help you avoid biased search engines like Google I have sorted out the best conservative search engine alternatives to keep your sensitive data unassailable.

Let me know if your favourite Google alternative is on the list, or if not, mention your choice in the comment area.

Happy Surfing.

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